“We have been using InterSpaceLiving to have our custom-designed furniture manufactured, delivered, and installed for the past couple of years and have been the utmost satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent of offering high-quality goods and services”


“The service InterSpaceLiving provides is the best in class in the industry”

“InterSpaceLiving is a true partner to us. They offer the most competitive rates alongside high-quality materials and excellent customer service skills. They are easy to work with, think creatively, and effectively communicate their ideas to improve the product to achieve maximum usage. We highly recommend InterSpaceLiving custom products and services”.

"ISL Furnishings made it a seamless experience to create custom furniture product styles & custom sizes. They will work with our designers & will create drawings of new product designs and then have a mock-up built in their factory to see how a new prototype product works and looks. We are always searching for an edge in the co-living industry so when we want to have a custom style furniture series that stands out as unique – it is not a problem to accomplish this with ISL. Also – many projects have tight spaces to fit standard sized furniture so custom sized pieces are needed". 

"Here at ISL we consider ourselves an extension of our partners’ businesses. Established in 2014, we have developed a bespoke platform ideal for the co-living property management industry. All of our partners benefit directly from the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure we have developed over the last 6 years"

~Co-founder of ISL Furnishings, Abe A. Ash 

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