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At the heart of our work is a deep-rooted passion for mindful, sustainable living. that means more than just sourcing premium quality durable furniture.


Our Commitment to Sustainability​

Our Commitment to Human Rights

Our Work in the Community

Our Commitment to Product Quality -

Inside and Out

​With an eye toward the future comes a longstanding commitment to responsible practices and sustainable production. InterSpaceLiving partners with forward-thinking manufacturers to ensure the highest standards in ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing. We seek to optimize efficiency while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions to protect our environment.

We work diligently with our entire supply chain to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental manufacturing standards, including CARB2, which all of our products comply with, even those outside of California. Our furniture is all shipped flat-packed, so although most of it is shipped from Vietnam, a very small cubic dimension is actually required

​Beyond our products, we also maintain a strong dedication to protecting human rights throughout our global supply chain. We only work with companies who treat employees fairly and with dignity. At home in our own offices, providing a healthy, safe environment for our team members is of utmost importance.


InterSpaceLiving also works closely with nonprofit and educational organizations across the globe to support new ideas and initiatives related to housing, education, and sustainability. One of the great joys of our work is to sponsor, mentor, and support these institutions and individuals as they lead the shift towards more efficient, flexible housing.


Poor quality products that fail within a short period of time and require replacement only add to our overtaxed landfills. InterSpaceLiving sells only the highest-quality products that are built to last.


All of our products are made in modern, state-of-the-art facilities by well-paid, experienced craftsmen in accordance with the most stringent quality control processes from our in house QC team.


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